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Sponsorship opportunities for our popular series are now open for our 2024 season

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Many of the Kart racers that compete in the Victorian Country Series may already support your business. They may live and work in your town or a town your business services or be club members of your local kart club.

By supporting the VCS there is an excellent opportunity to canvas your products and services to a wide demographic from Victoria to South Australia.

The Victorian Country Series commenced in the early 1990’s as a way for country drivers to regularly race in a competitive environment without having to travel to the major metropolitan tracks. It has evolved to a point now that metropolitan Melbourne and interstate drivers travel to our series for the tough competition and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our series continues to experience a strong surge in popularity year after year with karters attracted to the strength of our competition and value for money.

We aim to continue this strong patronage again in 2024 as we continue to actively promote our events.

Kart racing polls highly in crowd appeal and offers a unique marketing position at a fraction of the price of other main stream sports investments.

It offers an excellent opportunity to be seen supporting drivers, their families and race teams who will become familiar with your business and in turn support your brand.

Not many other sports could boast the loyalty and camaraderie that karting offers. Our series is a perfect example. Fierce competitors on the track become mates when the helmet comes off, the karting family looks after each other like few other sports.

Your image would also be enhanced by supporting a series that is helping young drivers gain the necessary skills to make them better drivers on our roads. Safety is paramount on the track and consideration is also made for getting home safely.

The Victorian Country Series would not continue its great success year after year without the help of our series sponsors.


The things to remember are which businesses support your local kart club when it comes to sponsorship? Who supports the series that you love to compete in round after round?

We thank each and every one of our sponsors for their support and appreciate their generosity towards our series and to the karters who enjoy racing in it.


Support those businesses who support your local kart club and put back into the great sport we love.

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