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The DPE VICTORIAN COUNTRY SERIES has been around for many years. Its a kart racing series held throughout regional Victoria and is organised by Karting Victoria in conjunction with the following 6 clubs which each host their rounds.

Click the host club below for Supp-Regs and Series Round Information.

R1 , Feb 4-5
South West Kart Club (Cobden)

R2, May 13-14
Hamilton Karting Club (Hamilton)


R3, Jun 17-18
Warrnambool Kart Club (Warrnambool)


R4, Aug 12-13
Wimmera Kart Racing Club (Horsham)


R5, Sept 9-10
Portland District Karting Club (Portland)


R6, Nov 18-19
Ballarat Karting Club (Haddon)





Since its inception in 2003, the Victorian Country Series has attracted on average 200+ competitors per round making it one of the most popular and successful karting series regularly held in Australia.


Drivers who have competed in the series and have gone on to have success at higher levels of motorsport include Supercar drivers Anton DePasquale, Scott Pye, Todd Hazelwood, Rick Kelly, Cameron Waters to name just a few and Scott McLaughlin who now competes in Indycar and also sprint car drivers Corey McCullagh and James McFadden.



Entries are open to all KA licence holders, including from outside Victoria.  The series has regular competitors from South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania and even as far as the Northern Territory and we welcome newcomers.




  • Cadet 9

  • Cadet 12

  • KA3 Junior Light

  • KA3 Junior Heavy

  • KA3 Senior Light

  • KA3 Senior Medium

  • VIC Combined Masters

  • TAG 125 Light

  • TAG 125 Heavy

  • TAG 125 Restricted Light

  • TAG 125 Restricted Medium



  • Saturday
    1 practice session
    1 timed practice
    1 qualifying session
    Heats 1 & 2 

  • Sunday
    1 practice session
    Heat 3 and Final

  • Progressive grid format

  • Best 5 rounds count for your overall points
    (Note: If you are DSQ for a full round this 0 will count as one of your 5 rounds for your points)

(please be sure to check the Supp-Regs for any changes to the race format)​


Clubs are closed for use the weekday prior to the event.


Check event S
upp-Regs on the club page links above for confirmation of race format, schedules and club information.


(The host clubs present Random Draws throughout the weekend of the event) The first 6 races will be completed with presentations to follow straight after, then the next 5 finals will be completed, then their presentations will be done. This is to assist those that are travelling.


Entries for each round close at 11:59pm the Sunday night prior to the event. ENTER HERE
No late entries can be accepted. *Entries open usually upon the release of the Supp-Regs.


Free Admission

Spectators are most welcome and entry into the events are FREE.


Our Kart clubs canteen are fully catered so be sure to grab a bite to eat and pull of a chair, bench, seat in a stand or spot on the grass to take in all of the exciting racing action.

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