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Round 5, October 5-6, Horsham

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Dooen (Horsham) Victoria

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Our club was formerly known as "Horsham Go Kart Club", was a dirt track in the late 1960's where members raced simple homemade karts with Victa motors. It wasn’t until 1981 that they upgraded the circuit to a lime-stone dirt track. In the early days the club had a membership totalling in excess of 100, with up to 60 racing competitively throughout the state.

They then progressed from racing on dirt to a bitumen track, which was laid in December 1982. During the mid 80’s, the track was re-designed and a hot-mix surface applied.


A decision was made by the Executive Committee during the 80’s to consolidate the club and a name change was made to the "Wimmera Kart Racing Club"


Membership in 1987 was approximately 50. The club had its first race meeting on the new bitumen circuit on Sunday 5th of June, 1988. The official opening of the track was later on in the year during the warmer weather on November 20th 1988.

On 21st December 2021 a new track extension commenced, extending the circuit from 518m to 635m. The club had the official opening of the new circuit on July 31st 2022.

330 metres of new sub-base was added to the circuit during our extension bringing the new overall length to 635 metres. The new layout is more enjoyable for drivers providing a fresh challenge and less fatigue.


The new exciting Horsham circuit has a combination of fast straights and stop-go corners with 180 degree bends which makes for good breaking duels creating an additional three opportunities for drivers to get creative in setting up passing moves.

We hope everyone enjoys our new circuit and the great country hospitality our club is renowned for.

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