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Round 6     November 18-19     Ballarat

Links will be added closer to the event

Race Report R6

Race Program

Drivers Breifing

The redevelopment of the Ballarat Kart Club’s facility will ensure a better competitor, volunteer and spectator experience”


Some key points about the project:

  • 107m of track extensions

  • Exciting and innovative layout – rationalised to make best use of available land

  • Increased grid capacity from 24 to at least 28

  • Three new passing opportunities

  • Multiple configurations including ‘Historic’ and ‘Long’ 

  • Combined in grid and out grid for better use of pit space

  • Better spectating area
















Haddon, Victoria

BKC Website

Ballarat Kart Club celebrated 60 years of history at the same location in 2022. With a rich and proud history for over 60 years, the club continues to provide an energetic and supportive environment that allows members of all ages to enjoy their motor racing ambitions.

During that time, the Ballarat Kart Club has played host to Many club days, the 2008 State Cup, Mort Page Memorial , Begonia City Classic, and Victorian Country Series events.

One of the biggest events in the club's history was the 2018 Victorian Country Series round, when 251 competitors packed the paddock.

The track is located in the township of Haddon just 15km from the centre of Ballarat and has members from all across the Central Highlands region.

In 2022 the club is commencing on one of the most significant projects in the club's history, with a major track extension and pit relocation infrastructure project that will have significant benefits for members and the hosting of future events.

The first Victorian Country Series round on the new long circuit is slated for 2023!

Ballarat Kart Club Track Extension and Pit Upgrade

Ballarat Kart Club Track Extension and Pit Upgrade

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