Portland Round 1 2005

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Vic Country Series Round 1 – Portland

The opening round of the revamped 6-round Victorian Country Series was held at Portland on March 6 with 147 entries on the day.

The weather during Saturday’s practice left a lot to be desired with patchy, heavy showers between sunshine and a dry track. This made the huge undercover horse arena an ideal place to pit. Race day dawned overcast but dry and continued to improve throughout the day. Whilst the track was initially slow, as the higher performance classes started to lay down some rubber, the times improved across all classes to be close to normal race times.

All in all it was a great day with clean, close racing in all classes.

Neville Tapscott, President PDKC.

Above: The Rookies played hard in Portland…
pic supplied by Adam Bamp

Above: Clubman Light round the pit corner.
pic supplied by Adam Bamp

Full results for all classes HERE (PDF).

Junior National Heavy
1 David Schulz
2 Rhys Baxter
3 Andrew Smith

Senior National Pro
1 Dale Sinclair
2 Nick Wills
3 Megan Hapgood

1 Aaron Johnstone
2 Jake Boyer
3 Brenton Mountjoy

Clubman Super Heavy
1 Stuart Denboer
2 Trevor Sherwell
3 John Lipplegoes

Junior National Pro
1 Corey McCullagh
2 Tom Rose
3 Luke Weel

1 Jay Baxter
2 Billy Carroll
3 James Morrish

Rotax Heavy
1 Aaron Sheills
2 Nathan Van Es
3 Stephen Heron

Leopard Combined
1 Kevin Millard
2 Jeremy Anderson
3 Mark Sharkey

Clubman O’40
1 David Albert
2 Rodney Westbrook
3 Craig Mannix

Senior National Light
1 Dale Sinclair
2 Scott King
3 Adam King

Junior National Light
1 Corey McCullagh
2 Scott Pye
3 Jake Spencer

Clubman Heavy
1 Jeremy Anderson
2 Ashley Hawkins
3 Steve Collins

Rotax Light
1 Nathan Van Es
2 Kevin O’Donohue
3 Peter Straughair

Junior Clubman
1 Nick Johnstone
2 Jake Spencer
3 Corey McCullagh

Clubman Light
1 Kevin Millard
2 Michael Pickett
3 Dale Sinclair


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