Ballarat Round 4 2005


Ballarat Country Series

Dale Beaton picked up the Pro Clubman feature class win at round 5 of the Victorian Country Series at Ballarat’s Haddon Raceway on Sunday, August 21.

The win means he will get to have a drive of a Formula Ford. Beaton also won Clubman Light on a day that experienced all four seasons with the rain eventually winning out.

It was a good day for the local drivers: ‘Rampaging’ Andrew Smith 2nd in Junior National Pro, ‘The Enforcer’ Peter Renga 3rd in Rotax Heavy and Luke ‘Flip’ Fong and ‘Bullet’ Ben Beasley finishing 1st and 2nd in Junior National Light.

Above: Dale Beaton, Pro Clubman (and Clubman Light) winner.
pic – Paul Rodgers

Above: Nick Johnstone picked up the Junior Clubman win.
pic – Paul Rodgers

Above: panoramic view of Haddon Park Raceway from the entry to the back straight.
pic – Paul Rodgers

Above: 1st in JNL went to local driver Luke Fong.
pic – Paul Rodgers

Clubman Pro Feature Race
1st Dale Beaton
2nd Dale Sinclair
3rd Paul Rodgers

Junior National Light
1st Luke Fong
2nd Ben Beasley
3rd Joshua Tapscott

Junior National Heavy
1st Joshua Hughes
2nd David Schulz
3rd Travis Millar

Clubman Super Heavy
1st Trevor Shirwell
2nd Paul McGrath
3rd Michael Angwin

1st Billy Carroll
2nd Jay Baxter
3rd Nicholas Reissis

Rotax Light
1st Nick Gottlewski
2nd Nathan Van Ess
3rd Brad Wyatt

Junior National Pro
1st Luke Weel
2nd Andrew Smith
3rd Corey McCullaugh

1st Aaron Johnstone
2nd Jack Wynack
3rd Tyler Cramer

Clubman Heavy
1st Paul Rodgers
2nd Daniel Rethus
3rd Michael Pickert

Leopard Combined
1st Andrew Johnstone
2nd Stuart Reading
3rd Kelvin Krane

Junior Clubman
1st Nicholas Johnstone
2nd Corey McCullough
3rd Joshua Hughes

Clubman Light
1st Dale Beaton
2nd Dale Sinclair
3rd Nick Gottlewski

Clubman Over 40s
1st David Albert
2nd Stuart Reading
3rd Craig Mannix

Senior National Light
1st Nathan Elston
2nd Dale Sinclair
3rd Scott King

Rotax Heavy
1st Nathan Van Ess
2nd Ashley Pollard
3rd Peter Renga


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