2018 Victorian Country Series Sporting Regulations

2018 series regulations

Series regulation overview

  • Six round series to be conducted at  Cobden, Ballarat, Horsham, Warrnambool, Hamilton and Portland. Series is open to all KA licensed drivers.

    Compulsory classes; Cadet9, Cadet12, KA4 Junior Light, KA3 Junior,

           KA3 Senior Light & Medium, TaG Light & Heavy.

            Discretionary classes offered; KA4 Junior Heavy, KA3  Masters, TaG Restricted  

             Light, Medium, Heavy (197kg, 202kg EVO)* & Victorian Masters (172kg, 177kg

             EVO)* Minimum of 8 at first round to be included in subsequent

             rounds *Karting Victoria set weight.

  • A driver’s best 5 rounds count towards series result.
  • A DSQ from an event must be used as a “best” round
  • Class must have a minimum of 6 (discretionary classes 8 for 1st Rd) in at least 5 rounds to be eligible for series points & prizes.
    Drivers must compete in at least 4 rounds to be eligible for series prizes.
  • Some classes may be combined on track (comp rules ch1 rule9 ) as determined by organisers & meeting officials to allow for more track time for all competitors.
  • Restricted drivers must be C or D grade. (Except over 40s)
  • Entries close at midnight the Wednesday prior to the event on CMS (securepay).
    • However programs are usually put together between 7-9:00pm
  • Race entry per driver; 1st = $80, 2nd = $65, inclusive of all levies & fees.
  • 2nd entry can be immedaite family member
    • An Immediate family member is defined as either:
      • A spouse or domestic partner of the Competitor; or
      • A relative of the Competitor who is under the age of 18 years old and who normally resides with the Competitor.
  • Late entries will be taken up until the close of entries on the Saturday afternoon 2.30pm. Late entry fee: $95.00.
  • Tracks will be closed until & including the Friday immediately prior to the meeting except the last round which will be the Thursday.
  • Race format will be qualifying x 6 minute session, heat 1 grid from qualifying time, heat 2 from result of heat 1 (highest to pole etc), Final from points gained in heats (highest to pole etc). Final round will have 3 heats (points from heats 1 & 2 set grid 3, all points set grid for final ) & final. 401-10% point system for all rounds.
  • DNF- points, field plus one, DNS & DSQ no points awarded.
  • Heat races will be approx 7km expressed as laps, Finals will be approx 12km expressed as laps.
    • Races can be lengthened or shortened by coordinators for differing track requiremenbts
  • All races count for series points ( best of 5 rounds).
  • Final only counts for meeting trophies.
  • Drivers who compete at all 6 rounds will receive a free round entry for 2019.
  • Trophies for series 1st, 2nd 3rd + prizes down to 5th.
  • Trophies at each round as per supp-regs.
  • Updates on Country Series Facebook page.

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